New USB Car Charger Adapter Plug 3.1A Fast Charging Universal Dual LED USB Port

There are many things that you have to take care of on a daily basis which at times make you forget to charge your phone. To ensure that your phone does not run out of power, you should have a USB car chargers. It is essential to have a phone charger in your car. No More Embarrassing Dropped Calls. Using a USB car charger regularly will result in a habit of charging your phone whenever you are on the road. It is an ideal time for you to top up your phone’s battery, ensuring that it does not run out during the day.



  • 100% brand new
  • Dual USB ports, charge two devices simultaneously
  • 3.1A super-high current output
  • Intelligent distribution based on different devices
  • Incredible quality, more durable
  • Smart surge protection via fuse mode
  • Dual smart chips with high-speed charging
  • Built-in overcurrent, overvoltage protection
  • Support trickle charge and safeguard the charging status


The smart temperature reduction system

Dissipates the heat of internal components of the car charger, and keep it in a suitable temperature status for normal work and extending life-span. Wide Compatibility, suitable for most phones/tablet pc/MP3/MP4 and other digital devices. Buy with confidence.

Our USB car charger adapter with 3.1 amps is an excellent level of power that will do a great job of charging up your electrical devices. It also packs the punch to charge iPads, which not all USB chargers do, so bear that in mind if you ever travel with tablet-style devices. All that power has excellent control too, with the Maxboost Intelligent circuit design providing protection against short circuits, over-heating and overcharging. Add in the fact that the device comes with 2 ports.

Fast USB Car Charger Adapter Plug

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